I have always enjoyed the topic of business. Upon graduating with a business degree from Northern Arizona University in 2014, my wife and I got married, and both began working in the trucking industry. She now enjoys being a stay at home Mom with our young son, and I have had the pleasure of continuing to work in the trucking and transportation world for my entire career so far. Over time, I first began to record ideas and observations that I would have about business on a personal Microsoft Word document. Then after reading the book, Show Your Work! by Austin Kleon, I thought, why not put my thoughts out there. Maybe people can benefit from them. I had nothing to lose.

As a born again Evangelical Christian, I value my relationship with God above all else and seek Him and His Word, the Bible, for guidance and absolute truth as I walk through this life. ​The Bible is the source of all truth and as I read it, I find valuable lessons that can be applied to the business world as well as my personal life. It is important for me to have every aspect of my life be lived out in a Biblical manner, so I am also excited to get to share some thoughts on what the Bible has to say about business and how Christians can be used to bring glory to God in the workplace.

So in this blog you will find real stories from my work life and personal life, as well as business lessons that I have learned through my Bible reading. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it, and pray that it will bless you and bring glory to Christ.

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