A few years ago I attended a sales training with professionals from my company and other companies within the industry. I was excited to network with people that did what I did and to learn new sales strategies along the way. Throughout the training sessions, I enjoyed interacting with the rest of the class, listening to lectures, and doing hands on exercises. But at the end of a trip like this, one must ask… “Was this trip worth it?”

Many times, when people attend things like conferences and seminars, they may come back enthused, find the content beneficial, and think that attending was well worth their time. But in reality the trip may prove worthless if you forget all the material and resume work as usual once you return to your desk. In order to fully benefit from excursions like these, you should come back to your day-to-day routine and apply some of what you have learned in a productive way. I have found that one way to successfully do this is to pick one to three key takeaways that you think will help you improve in your current role. Then, focus on integrating those things in your daily work life.

The steps at Red Rocks Amphitheater in Morrison, CO can seem overwhelming

There were many interesting lectures and exercises that I experienced during this particular training. But there was no way I would remember every detail. We even were sent home with a binder full of helpful sales information, but in truth, that binder is collected dust on a shelf in my office most of the time.

A few things did standout to me though. I was given a template of a spreadsheet to record daily sales activities. I have tailored it to my liking but still use a similar activity-tracking sheet to this day. Also, the organizer of the training stressed to us the importance of booking in person appointments with prospects. Since then I have kept that as a focus in my sales strategy. Both of these takeaways were simple to apply to my routine, and I believe have helped me achieve better selling results. I could have been overwhelmed after returning to my office. But I trusted that my two main takeaways could genuinely help me improve as a salesman. I think they have.

Sometimes, when you are presented with a vast amount of material, you go into information overload mode, get stressed, and end up not focusing on or applying anything. If this is the end result, then yes the trip was a waste. So instead remember to stay calm, review what you have learned, pick one to three takeaways that you believe can help you grow in your work life, and begin to gradually apply them to your daily routine.

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