There are many things that can distract people from the part of their job that matters the most. For me, selling has been paramount in my roles. In my previous position, my department’s financial performance is reviewed more closely than any other part of my job. A manager of mine once reminded our local sales team that nothing happens until a sale is made. Remembering a fact like this helps me to refocus on my essential responsibilities.

Being a perfectionist can also get in the way of doing more important things. On an episode of Shark Tank, investor Mark Cuban addressed the presenting entrepreneur candidly, saying something like, “Perfection is the enemy of profit.” This quote stuck with me. The entrepreneur on stage was controlling and wanted everything to be tidy and flawless. Mark’s comment implied that in business, not everything is always as neat and clean and according to plan as people may want. But that is okay as long as we focus on the essentials. Perfectionism should not get in the way of opportunities that may increase profitability and expand a business. Companies as well as individuals must discover and prioritize the tasks that matter most.
In today’s world distractions happens in many forms. Emails, texts, meetings, and other things can steal our time and attention. That is why we must craft our schedules in a way that ensures the completion of vital duties. I try to do this by setting sales activity goals for each day and week, and planning to do administrative work only before and after prime selling periods. In all honesty, my days do not always work out as I’d like, and I do lose focus at times. The key is to regroup and come back the next day with a renewed determination to stay disciplined and stick to the plan.
So whether you are in sales or not, take a moment to think about what the most important part of your job is, then structure your day in such a way where that function is prioritized.

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