I have a lot of takeaways from the time of my work transition from Colorado to New Hampshire. Through the application and hiring process I learned a lot about the current US job market and what my own interests are. Whether you are looking for employment after college or transitioning from one workplace to another, I think it is important to think about what intrigues you and continue to discover your skill set as you apply to jobs.

There may be a characteristic that you have that you may think is trivial and insignificant. But in reality that same trait may be a skill that others value. Because it is hard to think outside of the box at times, I actually called some family members to ask them what they thought I excelled at. It is easy to get tunnel vision when you are building a resume or applying to jobs. Sometimes a fresh perspective from another person can help you think more creatively about what you want to do and what you are qualified for.
Originally, I did not set out to stay in the trucking industry. There are a variety of industries that are booming here in the Northeast, so I had an open mind. But after accepting the job that I did, I am excited to continue growing in my career in the same type of industry. Through the transition process I have discovered that I enjoy the blue collar environment that trucking brings. And though in office work is part of my role, I am learning that I value variety, and appreciate having the chance to get out, drive around, and meet people in person.

On my first day making sales calls with the new company I had the privilege to check out the state of Vermont for the first time. Below are some pictures from my ventures.

Montpelier, VT and nearby area

Continuously learn and grow, and consciously make an effort to discover your God given skills and passions as you work.

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