In the business world, there are catchphrases and sayings that are trendy and seemingly sophisticated. These buzzwords and expressions are not necessarily bad things. Many times a conversation calls for the use of such a word or phrase. However, there are times when I wonder if hip and cool business talk is a complicated description for something very simple. Below are some trendy phrases and my simple corresponding examples and substitutes.
    “leverage technology” = text a customer because it is the best way to reach them
    “market research” = googling things
    “creating efficiencies” = using common sense and planning sales calls that are near one another so you don’t waste too much time driving
    “calling on the C suite” = asking someone in upper management to meet

Obviously I am oversimplifying, but the point is… use some common sense and don’t let big words scare you. Maybe I’m simple. That’s okay. Simple has its advantages. “K.I.S.S” aka “Keep it simple stupid” is always a good phrase to remember.

I learn from the books I read and try to apply insights to my life. But the more I read and listen the more I recognize the simplicity and common sense of much of the content. Business can be hard and require extreme effort. But at its core business is not rocket science or brain surgery.

The new ads that Quicken Loans has put out for their “Rocket Mortgage” are great. Their catchphrase is, “Push button, get mortgage,” and it is meant to help ease the home buying process by keeping things simple and less scary. We should look at business the same way. Complicated tasks occur within business. But your revenues still must exceed your costs if you want to make money. Simple math right? Don’t let big words scare you. You do not have to be a rocket scientist to succeed and thrive in business.

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