Finding new customers has been a huge part of my career in sales. One day last year, as I was making phone calls to prospects and customers that I had contacted in the past, I noticed something. On multiple occasions, the person on the other end concluded the conversation with a phrase along the lines of, “Thanks for the call,” or, “I appreciate the call.” I’ll be honest, it felt satisfying to hang up the phone knowing that the person I called not only answered, but appreciated that I reached out.

Now obviously not every call ends this way, and whether you are a skilled salesperson or not, sometimes people just do not want to talk. However, salespeople should remember this: Communicating with your target customers and prospects on a consistent basis and in meaningful ways shows that you value that particular business relationship. The relationship between a customer and a vendor should be a mutually beneficial one. So the next time that you feel apprehensive in picking up the phone to make a call, just remind yourself that the person on the other end of the line may appreciate that you chose to dial their number.

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