Whether you are currently employed at your dream workplace or are working a necessary second job to make ends meet, I believe that we should strive to treat our work lives as fun adventures. On these adventures we can learn new things, develop new skills, meet new people, see new places, and more.

One of the more enjoyable parts of my current job is hitting the streets and making in person sales calls. These calls can be follow-ups to warm leads, first time cold calls, or preset meetings with customers or prospects. Usually a day of sales calls consists of a combination of the three. Regardless of the types of visits being made, I like to treat my time out of the office as an adventure and here is why:

1. I get to meet with people, some for the first time and some stops feel as if I’m visiting an old friend.

2. I get to see new places, at times scenic landscapes, and sometimes hidden urban beauty.

3. I get to drive. I enjoy driving, and it’s even more fulfilling when I get to listen to a sermon, podcast, or audiobook along the way.

4. I get to hone my sales skills as I gain more experience selling face to face.

Not everyone has in person outside sales as part of their job routine. But whatever your routine is, I encourage you to look at each workday as a chance to go on an adventure. Your job, whether miserable or fulfilling, stressful or calming, is a chance to learn, form and build relationships, and grow as a person. And if we can have a perspective that views our workdays as little enjoyable adventures, then hopefully a “miserable” job will become more fulfilling.

Remember that sometimes, it’s the little things that add joy to our workdays. For instance if I have an entire day out of the office, I will at times start it by going to a coffee shop and treating myself to a cup of coffee and maybe a donut to start the day. There are instances where I have the pleasure of taking customers to lunch and this can be an opportunity to try out a new local restaurant.

So the next time you come to Sunday evening, instead of dreading the Monday morning work routine, tell yourself, “I can’t wait to see what tomorrow’s little adventure has in store for me.”

And now for some pictures that I have taken while out of the office. Some of these are from my time working in Colorado and some are from my current role in New England. Enjoy!

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